Member college, program, school

ACAS offers several different arrangements so that various kinds of organizations can offer ACAS courses:

A member college is usually an institution that foresees being of substantial size and that intends to be permanent. It has the ability to govern itself, and has considerable autonomy. Member colleges maintain their own insurance cover.

A program arrangement is more like a contracted instructor or a simple service agreement. Compared to member colleges, programs have simpler administrative arrangements and less autonomy. Programs simply follow the procedures of the ACAS Centre. Programs tend to be smaller or less permanent than member colleges. If programs donít already have their own insurance cover, ACAS can include it in the agreement.

High schools are usually familiar with auspicing arrangements. Students take ACAS courses as part of their school curriculum, and it often counts toward high school graduation.

Fee structures vary greatly depending on:

  • whether you are a member college, program, or school
  • whether you are commercial or non-profit, and
  • whether insurance is included (for programs).

For more information, contact the ACAS office to find out which arrangement suits your organization.