What can be accredited?

ACAS has accreditation for a wide range of courses that suit many contexts. The current areas of accreditation are:

  • Community Services: volunteering, youth, children's services, community work
  • Music: performance and technical production
  • Creative arts: Musical theatre, acting, creative arts management, and event management
  • Media
  • Training and assessment to Graduate Diploma level
  • Christian foundations, with the ability to add theological programs to Graduate Diploma level
  • Business and management to Graduate Diploma level
  • Hospitality and hositality management.


Not in the list above? Ask us.

One simple way to get a program recognized is to adapt existing units to interesting contexts. For example a general qualification in management can easily become a course for leaders in a particular field. Or you can be creative with the free electives. Very little work, no expense, and you get what you need straight away.

If ACAS presently does not have the accreditation you need, you can still ask whether ACAS would get it for you.