What is accreditation?

"Accreditation" varies in meaning because some accreditors are private organisations, and do not necessarily have any recognition.

ACAS's accreditation basically means is that ACAS has government approval to offer courses of study that lead to recognized qualifications. The government then requires other organizations to recognize them. ACAS can also qualify for other kinds of government funding and permits.

As an accredited body, ACAS has the right to print and issue graduation diplomas, determine its own internal procedures, and run its own quality control. Separate units of study can also be recognized, even if students do not complete a whole course.


Why get accredited?

Here are a few of the many reasons:

  • Students' qualifications will be recognised throughout Australia for employment, transfer credit, and for continuation to further study.
  • Academic standards are established and monitored. The bar is clearly defined, and is higher than for unaccredited study.

The government provides several incentives for accredited study:

  • Students are eligible for Austudy/Abstudy.
  • Other organizations are required to recognize accredited qualifications.
  • The government proactively funds some programs (government schools, disadvantaged groups, etc.)
  • The government provides hidden funding, e.g. some support services, professional development programs, endorsed packages.
  • No GST tax is payable on accredited studies.


Why get accredited through ACAS?

  • ACAS frees you to get on with your core activity. By using ACAS's ready-made streamlined procedures, you are released from the onerous tasks of:
    • interpreting government policy
    • establishing new procedures
    • handling general compliance issues, and
    • government reporting.
  • You have the flexibility to meet your particular needs.
  • You retain considerable autonomy.
  • You get can take advantage of synergies with other ACAS branches.
  • You reduce the costs of complying with government accreditation requirements.
  • You get advice on how to meet those requirements that affect you.