How to Apply

Step 1
Get informed

Then ask an ACAS staff person for advice about the program that would suit you.

Step 2
Apply and pay

Your admissions officer will give you an enrollment number.

Click here to go to the webform and fill it in. (You can also go to the front of the ACAS website and click on "Current student registration"). You will be asked for some kinds of personal data that the accreditor requires that ACAS collect.

Pay application fees.

Step 3
Application is processed

Unless acceptance has already been confirmed, the ACAS admissions officer will process your application, including verifying your credentials and experience to determine whether RPL and/or transfer credit is appropriate. If not already confirmed, you are then informed of the outcome, which will be either:
   full acceptance,
   advice to apply for a different program, or
   non-acceptance. (You may appeal if you think it is unfair.)

Step 4

When you are admitted, you might go through an induction process, depending on the program. For example, overseas students and full-time campus students need an induction program, while distance and single-unit students have few induction needs. In any case, you should familiarize yourself with ACAS policies that might affect you.