Student fees: 2017 (Interim)



Cert IV in Training and Assessment by tuition (TAE10)


Cert IV in Training and Assessment by assessment of mentored training (TAE10)

$180 (10 units @ $18)

Duplicate diploma or statement of attainment


RPL Certificate III


RPL Certificate IV


RPL Diploma


RPL Grad. Diploma




  1. These are interim fees, which have not changed from 2016.
  2. Fees differ between member colleges. Prospective students should contact member colleges directly for information. The schedule fee below refers only to fees for courses taken directly from the ACAS central office.
  3. See the fee policy for Australian fee-paying students and for refunds. (Links open new windows.)
  4. Fees are payable in Australian dollars.
  5. These fees are kept under review.
  6. Scholarships are not normally available, and the granting of any scholarships is completely at the discretion of ACAS.
  7. Your fees will also vary according to the following factors:
  8. There are no fees for units for which the student has been exempted, annual renewal fee, or viewing student's own file.
  9. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) fees cover the costs of assessment of a portfolio for Recognition of Prior Learning for a full qualification.
  10. If you do only part of the qualification, the fee is calculated pro rata on the number of units.
  11. Some qualifications have pre-requisites that must be assessed for admission: