What are course codes?

Course codes are given either before the the qualification title or in smaller print underneath it:

  1. ACAS has no control over the frequent changes in unit codes, which seldom affect students. Consequently, the code listed here might be different from the unit provided at the time.
  2. Courses of the same name can have different course codes. This normally occurs when a new version of the same qualification is accredited or endorsed. It can also occur if different organisations have their own versions of the same qualification independently accredited.
  3. Unlike endorsed courses, accredited courses have an accreditation expiry date.

How long will your qualification take?

Each qualification is allocated enough time for an entry-level student to acquire the skills and knowledge of the qualification. These periods also affect the length of time for Austudy eligibility. Times are shorter for students who already have relevant experience, and longer for part-time students.


For the qualifications offered by ACAS, typical periods for full time students are as follows:

Certificate I

  0.5 year

Certificate II

  0.5 year

Certificate III

  1 year

Certificate IV

  0.5 – 1 year


  1 – 2 years

Advanced Diploma

  1 year

Graduate Diploma

  1-2 years