Advanced Diploma

More complex skills or management of diploma graduates

Your knowledge and skills are broad, deep, and complex enough to analyze, design, plan, execute and evaluate work across a range of technical and/or management functions, including the development of new criteria, applications, knowledge, or procedures.

You can apply a significant range of fundamental principles and complex techniques across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts in either varied or highly specific functions.

You can contribute to the development of a broad plan, budget or strategy and take accountability and responsibility for yourself and others in achieving the outcomes.

You can show significant judgment in planning, design, technical or leadership/guidance functions related to products, services, operations or procedures.

Some diplomas emphasize on breadth of knowledge and skills, while others emphasize depth.

You can generate ideas by analyzing information and concepts at an abstract level.

You have a command of wide-ranging, highly specialized technical, creative or conceptual skills.

You are accountable for your personal outputs and group outcomes within broad parameters.