Certificate III

Tradesperson/equivalent, now used for almost any vocation at this level, not only the traditional trades

Somebody with a qualification at this level can:

  • Choose the right skills and knowledge for the job and adapt them to new environments
  • Give technical advice and some leadership in solving specified problems in various roles and situation, and your choice of options might be complex.
  • Do a defined range of skilled tasks, usually within a range of broader related activities that have known routines, methods and procedures. They usually have to show some discretion and judgment in choosing equipment or services, knowing what to do when things donít go to plan, and work within known time limits.

You may have some responsibility for others, and may work in a team.

You can:

  • show that you have some relevant theoretical knowledge;
  • apply a range of well-developed skills;
  • apply known solutions to a variety of predictable problems;
  • perform tasks that require a range of well-developed skills where you have to use your own discretion and judgment;
  • interpret available information, using discretion and judgment;
  • take responsibility for your own outputs in work and learning; and
  • take limited responsibility for the output of others.