Paraprofessional or basic professional

Your knowledge and skills are broad, deep, and complex enough for planning and initiating alternative approaches to applications across a broad range of technical and/or management requirements, evaluation and coordination.

You can set the direction of how you apply your knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas where your must exercise judgment to plan and select appropriate equipment, services and techniques for yourself and others.

You might participate in developing strategic initiatives, as well as take personal responsibility and autonomy for doing complex technical operations or for organizing others. You might participate in teams, including teams doing planning and evaluation. You might be coordinating a team.

Some diplomas emphasize of breadth of knowledge and skills, while other emphasize depth.

You can:

  • show you understand a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts, with substantial depth in some areas;
  • analyze and plan approaches to technical problems or management requirements;
  • transfer and apply theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations;
  • evaluate information, using it to forecast for planning or research purposes;
  • take responsibility for your own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality parameters; and
  • take some responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes.