Graduate Diploma

Independent professional. The nominal value is often one year of graduate study.

You can direct your own development and achievement of broad and specialized areas of knowledge and skills, building on prior knowledge and skills.

You can initiate, analyze, design, plan, execute and evaluate major broad or technical and management functions in highly varied and highly specialized contexts.

You can generate and evaluate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level.

You have a command of wide-ranging, highly specialized technical, creative or conceptual skills in complex contexts.

You can make significant, high-level, independent judgments in major broad or planning, design, operational, technical and management functions in highly varied and specialized contexts. They may include responsibility and broad-ranging accountability for the structure, management and output of the work or functions of others.

The degree of emphasis on breadth, as opposed to depth, of knowledge and skills may vary between qualifications at this level.