Tina Gunter, Board Chairperson

Now a full-time mother with two young children, Tina was until recently a senior youth worker for WestCare in Victoria, and Victorian state case manager for FreshStart. She and her husband now oversee the FreshStart centre in Northam, W.A. Tina was inducted into the Inaugural WA Women's Hall of Fame for her contribution to youth work in Western Australia.

Beth Roberton, Board Secretary

Beth is trained in teaching theology and ministry. She is Dean of Studies in the graduate program at the Dayspring Centre for Christian Spirituality and Counselling. Beth holds a Ph.D. degree.

David Gunter, Board Member, Treasurer

David is the founder of the "I roll with Dave" program for helping and mentoring at-risk youth and young leaders. Besides youth work, where he oversaw homes for wards of the state in Victoria, Dave is a qualified fraud investigator and prison guard. Dave and Tina now oversee the FreshStart centre in Northam, W.A.

Smiling Campbell (Xiaoting Chen), Board Member

Smiling studied English and language teaching, doing both her undergraduate and graduate studies at Chengdu University of Technology, China. She is also a qualified Senior Chinese Language Teacher.

In China, Smiling was a teacher and student coordinator at Sichuan University of Media and Communications. She then became a translator for Flame Collective, and later on was a customer service manager in High Connections.

When she moved to Perth, Western Australia, Smiling was a language teacher and administrator of language classes at Australia Cathay Enterprises. She is now Professor of English as a Second Language at Worldwide University.

Ross Woods, Board Member, Academic Dean

Ross served in Indonesia from 1978-98 in many roles including theological lecturer, teacher in an international school, research supervisor, board member and advisor for various schools and NGOs, and language program coordinator. He was the ACAS Principal for many years. Besides his role at ACAS, he is now Professor of Education and of Admission Studies at Worldwide University.

His academic background is in theology, Asian Studies, and education. He is a Doctor of Humanities, with a dissertation on the philosophy of educational accreditation. His Australian recognition and Ph.D. equivalence derives from Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Cara Phillips, Board Member

Cara is the manager of Flame Collective, a film production company, and was the Director of the Southern Cross Academy of Performing Arts. She is a graduate of Curtin University.


Randy Salmond, Principal

Randy is the ACAS Principal. Originally from Canada and now living in Perth, his background is predominantly working with at-risk youth as a school chaplain and head of Gravity, the training arm of Unyball.