Fair treatment and equal benefits and opportunity


ACAS supports the concept of equal opportunity and is committed to giving all staff, students and potential students a working and learning environment that values diversity, respects differences and give an environment that is safe, healthy, positive, supportive and free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Fair treatment

ACAS will treat fairly all students and potential students.

Student selection

ACAS has open, fair and transparent procedures, based on merit for making decisions about:

  1. the selection, from among potential students; and
  2. the treatment of students.

Potential students seeking to enrol in a  unit of study with ACAS, regardless of their background, circumstances or eligibility for funding, will be assessed for entry to study through the same published entry requirements and through the same process.

The general admission criteria for ACAS courses is published on the website, and follows the Training Package or accredited course from which the course derives. The specific admission criteria for each course are published on the courses page of the ACAS  website.


This policy will be published on the ACAS website in the General Policies Handbook.