Fees and charges

  1. Tuition fees shall be paid on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, that is, at the beginning of each unit.
  3. ACAS will not hold fees in trust for students.
  5. Capping of fees paid in advance:
    1. ACAS only accepts payment $1000 or less from each individual student before commencing the course.
    2. After course commencement ACAS accepts no more than $1500 in advance at any given time from each student for tuition or services yet to be received by the student.
  6. Tuition fees may include any written or information materials required to complete the unit.
  8. Students who do not pay in full for the semester will enter into a time-payment agreement:
    1. The payment installment contract will be a separate form from the application form.
    2. Students will make a down payment of at least 25% for the semester.
    3. Students will schedule payment for all fees by the end of the semester.
    4. Late fees will only apply for payments that are behind schedule.
  9. If instruction or assessment is individualized or does not follow a prescribed schedule, the commencement shall be deemed to be upon either:
    1. commencement of actual instruction or assessment, or
    2. provision of all self-study materials necessary for commencement.
  10. Units taken through Recognition of Prior Learning shall have a separate schedules of fees from units taken through instruction.
  12. Clerical or administrative errors will be rectified within 14 days from the time that notification arrives at ACAS, except when this involves extra time in relating to a third party.
  14. The granting of scholarships by ACAS is completely at the discretion of the Executive Committee unless the Board otherwise authorizes.
  16. Students have a right to:
    1. be informed in writing of all fees of any kind before they are due.
    2. pay no more than the published fees during the period for which the fees are published.
    3. a refund for funds incorrectly paid.
    4. a tax invoice for payments made, but it may be qualified if the payment is not in legal tender (e.g. cheque).
  17. Students shall be fully responsible for any costs of any kind whatsoever incurred relating to the recovery of unpaid debts, including but not limited to those incurred through third parties and through agents of the Centre.