Transfer credit and recognition of other credentials

  1. ACAS may recognize other credentials for admission or transfer credit. These may include:
    1. Qualifications, transcripts, or industry certifications.
    2. Credentials issued by other sources (e.g. higher education institutions, industry certifying authorities, unaccredited institutions)
    3. Qualifications and statements of attainment for units with different codes.
  2. If they are to be used for admission purposes only, then they will be used as evidence of competence at the required level.
  4. If the applicant wishes to gain transfer credit, then the applicant must demonstrate equivalence with all requirements of the current unit(s).1
  6. If they are not equivalent with all requirements of the current unit(s), then they shall instead be treated as Recognition for Prior Learning and the student will be subject to those assessment protocols.2
  8. The applicant must provide:
    1. the original diploma, transcript or certification, or,
    2. a Certified True Copy, or,
    3. a duplicate issued by the originating institution, or,
    4. a formal declaration from the issuing institution (e.g. official letter).
  9. ACAS shall verify the credential with the originating institution:
    1. This may be by: telephone call, email, personal referee, or letter
    2. The telephone number, email address, referee, or address shall be obtained independently from the student.
    3. A contemporaneous record of the verification shall be made and kept in the studentís file.
    4. When a credential cannot be verified, a record of the attempt shall also be filed.
  10. Except in the case of Australian higher education and government and quasi-government institutions, ACAS shall ascertain the acceptability of that credential.3 Credentials from foreign institutions should be checked either through other accreditations or by obtaining references through credible institutional or professional networks. 
  12. ACAS shall establish the role for which it gives recognition (e.g. admission to a course, advanced placement, etc.)
  14. 8. ACAS reserves the right to check the outcomes and/or content of the originating program to ensure that they are equivalent with those of the ACAS program for which the prospective student is applying.


1Cf. It is most likely that this will mostly apply to equivalent VET sector units, such as equivalent generic units form different packages, or units with an older version code and no significant changes.
2Cf. Skills Recognition Framework.
3This is especially so if they are in non-English speaking countries, unaccredited, or if the Centre has no direct knowledge of them.