A new Community Services program
This new program enables people in Indonesia to work abroad in the fields of child care, aged care, and home-based care with international qualifications.
Students will be able to acquire English language skills and a recognized Certificate III or IV in Community Services Work through ACAS and Worldwide University. It is run jointly with Ednovation, which also plans to facilitate international placements.

New college admissions program
Indonesian high schools can now offer an international college admission program to their students comprising:
• English to college admission standard
• Studies for college admission, and
• College advanced placement (AP).

The program offers these benefits:
• Lower fees than competitor programs
• Specific courses. In the first year, it is enrepreneurship. In later years, WU plans to add other specializations, etc.
• A fast-track admission to further WU studies.
• Advanced placement in further WU studies.