Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events



This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in a variety of community-based performance and production contexts, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. They may provide support to others involved in productions.


Entry requirements: Nil



A total of thirteen units is required: Five core units and eight elective units, of which a minimum of four must be from Group A. Of the remaining units:

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.


Core units

BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity

CHCCD307D Support community resources

CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry

CUAIND304 Plan a career in the creative arts industry

CUAWHS302 Apply work health and safety practices


Elective units

Group A

AHCILM305A* Work with an Aboriginal Community or organisation

AHCILM306A Follow Aboriginal cultural protocols

BSBCRT301 Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills

BSBINM301 Organise workplace information

BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

CHCDIS007 Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability

CUAACT301 Develop basic acting techniques

CUAADM301 Administer bookings for rehearsals and performances

CUACIR301 Perform basic on-ground acrobatic techniques

CUACMP301 Implement copyright arrangements

CUACOS304 Develop and apply knowledge of costume

CUADAN301 Integrate rhythm in dance or movement technique

CUADAN302 Increase depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance technique

CUADAN303 Develop dance partnering techniques

CUADAN304 Develop dance improvisation skills

CUADAN307 Increase depth of cultural dance technique

CUADAN308 Increase depth of contemporary dance technique

CUADAN309 Increase depth of street dance technique

CUADAN310 Increase depth of social dance technique

CUADAN311 Increase depth of tap dance technique

CUADIG303 Produce and prepare photo images

CUADTM301 Assist with dance teaching

CUAMKG301 Assist with marketing and promotion

CUAMPF301 Develop technical skills in performance

CUAMPF303 Contribute to backup accompaniment

CUAPPM301 Assist with designing performance spaces

CUAPRF301 Create and tell stories

CUAPRF304 Develop audition techniques

CUAPRF305 Perform in ways that respect customary law, ethics and traditions

CUAPRF306 Develop musical theatre techniques

CUAPRF307 Develop performance techniques

CUASTA301 Assist with production operations for live performances

CUAVOS301 Use music and singing in performance

CUAVOS302 Develop vocal techniques for use in performance

CUAWHS301 Condition the body for dance performance

CUAWRT301 Write content for a range of media

HLTAID003 Provide first aid

SISCCRO302A Apply legal and ethical instructional skills

SISFFIT309A Plan and deliver group exercise sessions

SISFFIT311A Deliver approved community fitness programs

SITXCOM401 Manage conflict

TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction

Group B

BSBITU202 Create and use spreadsheets

BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

CUAATS303 Develop and apply knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural arts

CUADIG201 Maintain interactive content

CUAFOH202 Usher patrons

CUAFOH301 Provide seating and ticketing services

CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUALGT201 Develop basic lighting skills and knowledge

CUASOU201 Develop basic audio skills and knowledge

CUASTA202 Assist with bump in and bump out of shows

CUAWHS201 Develop a basic level of physical condition for dance performance

MEM18001C Use hand tools

*Indicates prerequisite units