Certificate III in Music Industry



This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply a broad range of competencies in a varied work context in the music industry, using some discretion and judgement and theoretical knowledge. They may provide support to a team.

Sets and staging for some performances or events may fall within the definition of construction work. If so, people entering the construction site are required to complete the general induction training program specified by the National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work (Australian Safety Compensation Council, May 2007). Achievement of the unit 'CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry' from the CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package fulfils this requirement.


Entry requirements: Nil



A total number of eleven units is required: four core units and seven elective units of which:

This qualification can provide for specialisations:

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid vocational outcome.


Core Units

BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

CUACMP301 Implement copyright arrangements

CUAIND303 Work effectively in the music industry

CUAMLT302 Apply knowledge of style and genre to music industry practice


Elective Units

Group A Performance

CUAMCP201 Incorporate technology into music making

CUAMCP301 Compose simple songs or musical pieces

CUAMCP302 Write song lyrics

CUAMCP303 Develop simple musical pieces using electronic media

CUAMLT303 Apply knowledge of music theory rudiments to notating music

CUAMPF202 Incorporate music technology into performance

CUAMPF203 Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music

CUAMPF301 Develop technical skills in performance

CUAMPF302 Prepare for performances

CUAMPF303 Contribute to backup accompaniment

CUAMPF304 Make a music demo

CUAMPF305 Develop improvisation skills

CUAMPF402 Develop and maintain stagecraft skills

CUAMPF404 Perform music as part of a group

CUAMPF406 Perform music as a soloist

Group B Sound Production

CUASOU201 Develop basic audio skills and knowledge

CUASOU202 Perform basic sound editing

CUASOU204 Mix sound in a broadcasting environment

CUASOU301 Undertake live audio operations

CUASOU302 Compile and replay audio material

CUASOU303 Repair and maintain audio equipment

CUASOU304 Prepare audio assets

CUASOU306 Operate sound reinforcement systems

CUASOU307 Record and mix a basic music demo

CUASOU308 Install and disassemble audio equipment

CUASOU309 Restore audio tracks

CUASOU310 Analyse soundtracks

CUASOU311 Mix music in a studio environment

CUASOU402 Manage audio input sources

Group C Business

BSBADM307 Organise schedules

BSBADM311 Maintain business resources

BSBCMM301 Process customer complaints

BSBCUS301 Deliver and monitor a service to customers

BSBFIA301 Maintain financial records

BSBITU301 Create and use databases

BSBITU304 Produce spreadsheets

BSBPRO301 Recommend products and services

BSBPUR301 Purchase goods and services

BSBSMB302 Develop a micro business proposal

BSBSMB305 Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business

CUAADM301 Administer bookings for rehearsals and performances

CUAADM302 Book performance venues

CUADIG201 Maintain interactive content

CUADIG302 Author interactive sequences

CUADIG303 Produce and prepare photo images

CUAFOH202 Usher patrons

CUAFOH301 Provide seating and ticketing services

CUAIND304 Plan a career in the creative arts industry

CUAMKG301Assist with marketing and promotion

CUAWRT301 Write content for a range of media

ICTWEB201 Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

SITXCCS101 Provide information and assistance

SITXEVT302 Process and monitor event registrations

SITXEVT303 Coordinate on-site event registrations

SITXEVT304 Provide event staging support

Group D General

AHCILM306A Follow Aboriginal cultural protocols

BSBCON401 Work effectively in a business continuity context

BSBCRT301 Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills

BSBDES305 Source and apply information on the history and theory of design

BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity

BSBINM301 Organise workplace information

BSBINM302 Utilise a knowledge management system

BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment

BSBITU302 Create electronic presentations

BSBITU303 Design and produce text documents

BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents

BSBITU309 Produce desktop published documents

BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities

BSBSMB303 Organise finances for the micro business

BSBSMB304 Determine resource requirements for the micro business

BSBSMB306 Plan a home based business

BSBSMB307 Set up information and communications technology for the micro business

BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

BSBWRT301 Write simple documents

CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry

CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry

CUALGT301 Operate basic lighting

CUARES201 Collect and organise content for broadcast or publication

HLTAID003 Provide first aid

ICTICT306 Migrate to new technology

ICTICT308 Use advanced features of computer applications