Certificate IV in Business (College Admission Studies)

This program in College Admission Studies comprises English to college admission standard, studies for college admission, and college advanced placement (AP). It offers these benefits:

  • Lower fees than competitor programs
  • Specific courses. In the first year, it is enrepreneurship. In later years, we plan to add other specializations, etc.
  • A fast-track admission to further studies.
  • Advanced placement in further studies (where available).

It is currently run in collaboration with Worldwide University and Ednovation International, and available only to students in participating high schools.

Units are chosen for their suitability as university preparation in a chosen field and their feasibility as high school classroom subjects. As a qualification comprising a series of units, it comprises a general OHS unit (required), five restricted choice elective units, and four other units.

The program comprises the following five subjects, which represent ten ACAS units.


Occupational health and saftey BSBWHS401


Analyse and present research information BSBRES401
Make a presentation BSBCMM401
Articulate, present and debate ideas BSBCRT401

Essay writing and presentation

Write complex documents BSBWRT401
Produce complex desktop published documents BSBITU404

Introduction to finance

Report on financial activity BSBFIA402


Collaborate in a creative process BSBCRT402
Originate and develop concepts BSBCRT501
Undertake small business planning BSBSMB404

* Other subjects in planning are business, visual arts, computing, medicine/health science studies, teaching, and engineering.