Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership



This is an advanced qualification in strategic leadership and management.


Entry requirements

Entry to this qualification is limited to those who have completed one of the following:



A total of eight units is required: two core units and six elective units, of which:

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.


Core Units

BSBLDR801 Lead personal and strategic transformation

BSBLDR802 Lead the strategic planning process for an enterprise


Elective Units

BSBFIM801 Manage financial resources

BSBLDR803 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships

BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management

BSBLDR805 Lead and influence change

BSBLDR806 Lead and influence ethical practice

BSBMGT801 Direct the development of a knowledge management strategy for a business

BSBMGT802 Lead design and review of enterprise systems

BSBMGT803 Use financial and economic information for strategic decision making

BSBRES801 Initiate and lead applied research