Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology



This is an introductory qualification in Christian work and focuses on practical Christianity for everyday life.

Entry to this qualification is not subject to conditions.

You might find that the names of subjects actually offered are not the same as the unit titles. For example, there may be Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, and studies of particular books in the Bible.


Six compulsory units

CMTTHE301A Identify how Christian Scripture, life and practice are understood today
CMTTHE302A Identify theological data
CMTTHE303A Identify a range of information within a theological theme or issue
CMTTHE304A Identify new theological insights
CMTMIN301A Identify theological knowledge in relation to the Christian way of life
CMTMIN302A Communicate theology in everyday language

At least two electives

Electives should reflect specific theological and ministry emphases (e.g. youth ministry, community involvement, music/ worship) and should be adapted to the students' ministry situation.

Elective units may include:

Electives may not include any core units from a higher level Christian Ministry and Theology qualification in this Training Product.

CHCCD307D Support community resources
CHCCD413E Work within specific communities
CHCCOM302D Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues
CHCCS311D Deliver and monitor service to clients
CHCGROUP201C Support the activities of existing groups
CHCNET301D Participate in networks
CHCYTH301E Work effectively with young people