2017 Institutional Fees

Australian Centre for Advanced Studies Inc.


• Most fees for schools and member colleges have not been increased for 2017, and the per-unit fee has gone up only slightly. The main change is that fees that were not charged have been deleted.
• Except where otherwise agreed in member college agreements, auspicing fees now have unit pricing, i.e. fees are paid per student per unit.
• When ACAS incurs fees for specific accredited courses, these fees shall be passed on to member colleges using those qualifications.
• See member college agreement for details of sharing government fees between colleges.
• Some fees are negotiated according to competitor fees and actual services at the time, especially so when ACAS tenders to institutions.)



Duplicate diploma or statement of attainment


Establishment fee: For-profit businesses MoreIncludes consultation and can include some training.


Discounted establishment fee for non-profit organizations MoreIncludes consultation depending on location; does not include training


Fees for auspiced schools (WA directly subsidised schools)

$1,000 per school per industry area

Fees for other auspiced schools

$550 per school per industry,
$32 per student per qualification

Minimum member college per-semester fee


Units other than Theology and Christian Ministry


Theology and Christian Ministry MoreThis includes an allowance for CMT license fees.



Shared equally between member colleges

ASQA scope extensions

Shared equally between member colleges requesting added scope