Assessment tools

Note: This is not a comprehensive set of
ACAS assessment tools. New tools
are increasingly being placed on
course websites and in Moodle.



Generic assessment tools

How to use generic assessment tools



Community Internship Program Assessment Form



Certificate III Children's Services:



Community services




Grad. Dip. Management Assessment form

In general, the templates and tasks below are useful for completing the projects, but are different from the projects themselves.

  1. Legal agreements
  2. Program monitoring, risk assessment, continual improvement
  3. Staff:
  4. Business plan template (Version A)
  5. Finances:
  6. Operational project template



Specific Legislation



Music (CUS01) (Performance, Business and Technical)

We can't offer CUS01 any more, but these tools are still helpful:



Music (CUS09)



Hospitality, Certificate II



Crisis management

(Mainly useful for youth work units.)



Certificate IV in Youth work

Client Database Microsoft Access database for pastoral care relates most specifically to units in managing information and in case management.

Certificate IV in Training and assessment (TAE version. Links opens new windows)