Your documentation for using ACAS website materials

If you use the ACAS course websites, this documentation is for you as a teacher/assessor. It simplifies the procedure for you, because many required documents for teaching and assessing are already fully done for you on the website .

  1. In some cases, you only need to fill in the forms and templates correctly and carefully and put them on file. Many templates and forms have their own instructions.
  2. The default delivery materials are the Student Guidelines for On-Job Training and linked materials already done on the website . (Links opens new windows.)
  3. If you teach in a classroom you may also need your own session plans and class materials.
  4. Review your documents every year for currency and efficiency, and send your suggestions for improvement to ACAS.

If you are preparing your own materials, see further below to see extra requirements.

One: Strategy

Fill in the Program Application Form, which contains your strategy and industry consultation. To simplify the task, here's a link to the form. (Link opens new window.)
Advice and options In some programs, the Program Application Form is the responsiblity of the Program Manager, not the instructor/ assessor.

Two: Student application form

The essential form is the on-line webform, which collects mandatory student information. OptionalMember colleges may also get applicants to fill in a paper application form, although this is not the offical record for ACAS purposes.

Three: About attendance records

The accreditor does not require us to keep attendance records, although you are accountable for the use of time for students on Austudy/Abstudy/Youth allowance.
Advice and options

Four: Forms for recording the assessment

Choose a suitable assessment form template and fill it in. Assessors normally want to greatly adapt it to reflect their assessment and the kinds of evidence. Note: Assessment records are the property of ACAS as the RTO, but you will need to store this form at your site. A new rule requires that they be kept for at least for six months in case of appeals, disputes, or audits.
Recommended template | Other templates

Five: Assessment interview instructions

Here is our guide for conducting assessment interviews. Its purposes are to simplify assessments, reduce stress on both both assessor and student, and improve the quality of evidence gathered.
Assessment interview instructions (Link opens new window.)

Six: Reporting results

This is now an online form. Email the ACAS office requesting a password.
The online form should already be filled in with the names of all correctly enrolled students.

Seven: Student feedback

The kind of feedback form is now decided by a government agency for our reporting requirements.
Student feedback form (Link opens new window.)

Eight: Employer feedback

The kind of feedback form is now decided by a government agency for our reporting requirements.
Employer feedback form (Link opens new window.)

Nine: Assessment validation

Fill in an assessment validation form for each qualification or cluster of units. (Link opens new window.)


Writing your own materials

If you are writing your own teaching and assessment materials, click here