Welcome to the staff page.

I suggest you bookmark the staff page (not this Webmaster page) so that you can access it easily.

This is the best way to provide you with important material and keep it up to date.  It will provide you with:

  • a number of key documents to which you need access from time to time
  • explanatory information
  • announcements
  • up-to-date forms

We need to continually improve, and presently plan to update procedures and forms each semester. Only urgent changes are made between times, although additions are possible. It seems that more frequent "improvements" can be confusing and counterproductive.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated so that the staff area of the site will more useful.

Many apologies for having so many forms, but we only have them because they're necessary. Of course, you have a choice of different variations for some of them. And some of them only apply to special cases.

Remember, the result of having the minimum number of forms is that each form is more important and needs to get submitted on time. 

Ross Woods