About the document list

  1. This page (and those pages under it) act as the ACAS central document register. Its main purpose is to ensure that everybody has ready access to all necessary current materials.
  2. As member colleges generate their own documents, they should keep their own document register.
  3. We try to keep all materials on the website up to date.
  4. Each document or form has its own version control number.
  5. This website written in three main layers: the main public area, the General Policies Handbook, and the Staff area.

An earlier version of the AQTF specified requirements for document control. This is how it worked for a web-based system:

What the AQTF required

What this meant

The AQTF required that we keep "materials that relate to its scope of registration (including Training Packages, accredited course documents and learning/assessment materials) so that:

This meant all documents that instructors and assessors need to do their job. It does not contain non-current versions.
Member colleges generate their own versions of forms, although they must comply with the templates given, which are modified from time to time to meet policy and legal requirements.

  1. materials are reviewed for currency by authorised and competent staff prior to issue or re-issue;

An approved instructor or assessor who has been assigned to teach/assess a unit is authorized to review materials. They may be revised according to current templates.

  1. a list of materials with the respective issue and/or amendment status identified is maintained;

The online list is the list.

  1. all persons required to perform any function under the RTO’s scope of registration have ready access to all necessary current materials.

You have access to these materials over the Internet, usually through a hotlink on the name of the document.

If a member college holds materials specific for your member college, staff may be required to comply with those versions (e.g. use of college name, logo, specific additions, etc.).