Asking for help

Ask your instructor or program director if you need any of the following kinds of support:

  1. mediation to solve a study-related problem with another party.
  2. help relating to your studies.
  3. you have a disability that means you can't use the normal facilities (e.g. specific equipment, resources, programs, learning materials in alternative formats such as large print).
  4. you need changes in the schedule to suit your specific needs.

If you need help with your studies, your should ask your instructor for basic support:

  1. If the whole group of students has the same kind of difficulty, he/she normally integrate support into regular instruction.
  2. If it is an individual difficulty, your instructor will provide extra coaching.
  3. If the difficult is the result of a disability, your instructor will provide an environment that accommodates disability and/or make allowable adjustments in assessment.

Your instructor will, wherever possible, identify cases where students need additional support (e.g. for language, literacy, numeracy, study skills, disability) when giving instruction and assessment. However, your instructor is not necessarily qualified to diagnose specialist kinds of difficulty. If your difficulty is of a specialist kind, your instructor/assessor will normally be unable to give support, and may refer you to internal support specialists (e.g. school educational support personnel). If you need help outside the capacity of the site, your instructor or program director may refer you to outside services, and inform you of any fees:

  1. Specialist study skills programs.
  2. Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs
  3. External mediation services
  4. Counselling services
  5. Medical servises
  6. Information technology support services.

If you need extra resources, first see the library, linked from the front page. You should also check your local library and its system of inter-library loans. If you need extra resources, ask your supervisor to refer you to other external learning resource centres. It is almost always a good idea to do an Internet search.