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Dear ASQA enquiries,

I'm looking for some correct information rather than relying on the rumor mill.

1. Is it permissible for an RTO to use commercially training and assessment materials if they are suitable for the unit and the context?

2. If an RTO has a set of RPL information for students, are RTOs permitted to use the same assessment tools for both taught students and for Recognition of Prior Learning?/p>

Thank you,

Ross Woods



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Dear Ross,

Thank you for your email.

ASQA does not prescribe the methodology RTOs should use to meet the requirements of the relevant standards, training packages and accredited courses. RTOs must demonstrate the validity of their assessment tools, but they can choose to do this in a variety of ways.

Regardless of the source of training and assessment resources, be it commercial or otherwise, providers are responsible for undertaking effective quality assurance, including validation and contextualisation, on any training and assessment resources they choose to use.

Providers are obliged to demonstrate that materials used are consistent with the requirements of the training package or Vocational Education and Training (VET) accredited course, as required in the Standards for RTOs 2015.

I trust this information assists, and please do not hesitate to contact ASQA should you have any further enquiries.

Kind regards,


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